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SAPIENT is a 36-month collaborative project that is expected to provide strategic knowledge on the state of the art of surveillance studies, emerging smart surveillance technologies, and the adequacy of the existing legal framework.  In addition to addressing these core research goals, the project will entail the development and validation of scenarios around future smart surveillance systems, and will apply the best elements of existing PIA (privacy impact assessment) methodologies to construct a surveillance related PIA framework.

The work of the project will lead to a practical handbook which will help policy makers, technology developers and other stakeholders to better understand how and when smart surveillance should be used, and apply criteria to assure that such systems respect the privacy of citizens.  This project is co-funded by the European Commission, DG Enterprise under Grant 261698.

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SAPIENT will identify and analyse impacts posed by future smart surveillance technologies that may be used for profiling citizens in order to identify potential evil-doers, for crime control in urban settings .

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