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Marit Hansen, Vice Data Protection Officer
DPA Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Marit Hansen is Deputy Privacy Commissioner of the Data Protection Authority Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (ULD - Unabhaengiges Landeszentrum fuer Datenschutz). Within ULD she is in charge of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) Division and the Innovation Centre Privacy & Security. Currently Marit Hansen is working in particular on user-centric identity management and eID systems, among others as Activity leader in the IST FP6 projects "PRIME Privacy and Identity Management for Europe" (2004-2008) and "FIDIS Future of Identity in the Information Society" (2004-2009

Daniel Drewer, Data Protection Officer

Daniel Drewer is the Head of the Data Protection Office of the European Police Office (Europol). Mr Drewer joined Europol as a lawyer in 2003. Since 2010 he is appointed to the function of Data Protection Officer for Europol as an agency of the EU.

Gus Hosein, Deputy Director
Privacy International

Gus Hosein is Privacy International's Deputy Director. He is also a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He advises a number of international organisations, companies, and civil society organisations. He is currently coordinating research projects on privacy and human rights in Asia, and on the challenges of securing medical information in developing countries and emergency situations. He has a B.Math from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of London.